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OzSecCon will be the first locksport and physical security conference in Australia. We have created an online community for physical security enthusiasts including locksmiths, information security professionals, and hobbyists.

The conference aims to bring this community together to share knowledge and build awareness around physical security, and to both enable and inspire future research.

We expect to accommodate at least 200 security professionals and hobbyists to this event. Our expectation is that this event will be run ‘at cost’ with all funds going towards providing the best experience we can possibly offer for everyone involved.

We aim to run a combination of talks, several workshops, and a number of competitions. This should allow attendees to both learn by listening and through hands-on opportunities.

With this in mind, the funds allocated from sponsorship will hopefully cover the costs of the workshop materials as well as the costs of guest speakers from around the world.

While this is the second time OzSecCon has been organised, the team running the conference has for several years been heavily involved with running similar sized information security conferences across Australia and New Zealand. These include:

If you are interested in setting up a stall to sell tools/locks or provide demonstrations as a corporate entity, please get in touch via email.

We are also open to donations of tools and other lock or security hardware and would love to speak to you if you can help with that.

If you have an idea or want to sponsor something specific not listed above such as a party on Saturday/Sunday night, please get in touch.

Note: as a sponsor we do ask your organisation’s representatives to follow our Code of Conduct.

Please see our sponsors pack for anymore information.

Thank you for considering to help us make OzSecCon a reality!

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